Introducing Flying Donut to the world!

The Flying Donut team is proud to introduce Flying Donut to the world! It was hard work and, frankly, it’s a relief that this version is over but, mostly, it’s very satisfying to see one’s hard work bear fruit in the end. Like A. Einstein once said: “People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.” Even if “immediately”, in our case, is after many months of development, being able to hold (at the end of our mouse…) the product of our labor, makes us forget all the hard work.

We hope you will like Flying Donut as much as we do. We’re pretty confident you will, because we’re going to let you in on our little secret. Come closer so others won’t listen in… : We’ve been using Flying Donut ourselves, as our Agile Project Management tool for Flying Donut itself, since the beginning! Not only have we been eating our own dog-food for months, we’ve actually grown the plants and fed the cows that go into it.

So, we know Flying Donut worked for us, and we know it can work for you. And the part about hard work is not over yet, since we’re committed to put more hard work to push it forward and reply to your needs. 

Jump on the bandwagon, already, and join us as we do it. You can use it for all sorts of projects: public and private, open-source and proprietary, lone-wolf or team ones. Tell us what suits you and what doesn’t. From our part, we’re going to tell you our own Roadmap of features coming soon.

So long, I hope we’ll be seeing you at!
Introducing Flying Donut to the world!

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