Your projects at a Glance!

Ever got to work and wondered how to start your day? Have you struggled to remember where you left over last Friday? Of course, a member of a team following Scrum should never be in that kind of position. Sprint backlog should be prioritized and the daily scrum should provide all the heads up one needs for the next tasks.

However not all teams start their day with the daily scrum, and nowadays not all team members are even in the same time zone, not to mention other organizational hurdles.

In order to address some of those issues, Flying Donut introduces the first of a series of dashboard updates that allows you to see at a glance a summary of the current state of your projects and highlight the cards on your work list that require your attention.

One of the projects in the Dashboard

The main goals of the updated dashboard view are:

  • Help you kick start your day
  • Provide a high level view of all the projects you are involved
  • Make it easy to notice issues early
  • Enforce transparency

To achieve these goals, we have redesigned the view to include key metrics from each of the active sprints of the projects you are involved in. These include the sprint progress bar along with some cards showing the current state of the spring, the burndown chart which provides information about how things have gone so far and how things are developing for the future and a verbal summary about how this sprint is going. Of course, links to the project and sprint views are provided to allow quick navigation (an improvement requested by many of our users).

To complete this view, a list of the cards taken up by you is also presented to allow you to dive into a task directly.

We are already working on more dashboard updates to tie in with other Flying Donut features such as discussions and some of our future planned features such as impediments.

As always, we welcome suggestions and feedback from the community both on the current state and future direction of the product. So give the new dashboard a try and let us know what you think.

Happy Scrumming!
The Flying Donut Team.

Your projects at a Glance!

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